Carpool Confessional: Kitchen Edition with Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Taylor and Jeremy from Paramore, Victor Indrizzo and Clea Duvall!

We are back in the studio recording our new album and we’re filming a TV show in the back of our car as we drive to and from the studio the entire time!

We have returned to LA to record with Justin Meldal-Johnsen after a much needed 2 week break. This week the show shifts from the car to the kitchen and we are joined by our good pal Clea Buvall, Victor Indrizzo as well as Taylor and Jeremy from Paramore who help us clap it out! 

Directed by: Lindsey Byrnes
Art Direction: Emy Storey
Produced by: Lindsey Byrnes & Emy Storey
Edited by: Angela Kendall
Sound operation: Tegan Quin

Cameras provided by: Contour / www.contour.com